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Digital Community is an ethical Web design and development company based in Gwynedd, North Wales. Our unique combination of skills deliver good looking websites that have secure data storage. Websites that you can trust to deliver! We now offer Oscommerce with custom design starting from £495.00!

Established since 2005 we specialise in database driven websites, particularly affordable ecommerce websites for small businesses. Responding to demand we now also offer logo design and branding and advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

We work within an Ethical and Ecological Policy as a responsible company that cares about our social and environmental impact. To read more about our ethical policy please go to the About Us page.

We aim to provide affordable professional websites for individuals, small to medium businesses, community groups and charities. Our range of website packages are designed on our experience of what businesses want; affordable and effective website development and Internet solutions. Further to website design we also offer;
Database Solutions: storage and retrieval of information

As more and more business is done through the internet you are missing out on market information by not running a database alongside your website.

A database can mean your customers have a more personal experience when using the website or when you contact them through email. You can also keep tabs on what products are browsed most frequently as well as keeping a record of all your online sales.

Examples of information you could be collecting are:

  • Customer Contact Details
  • Online Surveys
  • Product Popularity
  • Product Sales

The database design can allow information to be exported to other systems allowing you to use information for marketing campaigns and planning product purchases.

Furthermore your database can help you organise sales. Product details can be imported from systems such as Excel for quick and easy updating of your website's information.

You can add a search for customers to find products easily on your website.

This method of storing product information also allows you to increase your searchability through sites such as Google and Yahoo, etc. You can also keep archived information for report writing and business planning.

Examples of how you can use database information from your website:

  • Increasing Search engine usability
  • Importing on bulk for website updates
  • Product Searches on your website
  • Business Planning and report writing

Digital Community works with you to determine the right solution that best suits your business needs and budget. Contact us today on 0845 3105575 or email us to ask for more information.

OSCommerce, Iweb and Ecommerce solutions

OSCommerce is an Open Source based online shop e-commerce solution. Oscommerce is available for free under the GNU General Public License. It features a rich set of out-of-the-box online shopping cart functionality that allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores with minimum effort. Whether you have 10 products to sell or 10,000 Oscommerce can be tailored for your needs allowing you to control stock, shipping and prices as you need.

Digital Community are familiar with the OSCommerce structure and can apply your existing site or design a new style to fit the OSCommerce template. To see how we created a store for a client go to We are now offering two OSCommerce packages that include:

Oscommerce PackageSelf-hostedBusiness
Installation of latest Oscommerce Versionyesyes
Transfer of Design or new Custom Designyesyes
True Domain Name-yes
Payment/Shipping Modulesyesyes
Carbon Neutral Web Hosting - 1 year-yes
Email Configuration based on your website address-yes
Up to 5 alternative pages of informationyesyes
MySQL database-yes
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editoryesyes
SSL certificate-yes
Search Engine Optimisationyesyes
Technical Support-yes

All you pay for is our time and skills in setting up your website, the development is free.

If you want a more tailored Ecommerce solution than OSCommerce we also offer a very competitive Ecommerce Lite package. Using a Javascript shopping basket this system can be added to any type of hosting or existing site to give you a flexible online shop. If you haven't got a website we can also create a bespoke design with Ecommerce Lite added.

Iweb is a website creation tool that works with Apple Macintosh operating systems. We can easily add Ecommerce to your Iweb website products using Paypal or our custom Javascript shopping basket in combination with your choice of payment gateway. See our Ecommerce page for more details of all our ecommerce solutions.

Alternatively, you can contact us for a bespoke Ecommerce website quote. This is a good option if you want a more complex design and development for your website.

Open Source Content Management Systems

As well as offering a cheap and effective solution to Ecommerce using OSCommerce, we also offer adapted Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) to enable you to administer your website yourself.

Open Source software is developed by the online community for free use under the GNU license. Because it has been developed already, we don't charge you for this excellent development that already exists. What we charge for is the adaption of the Open Source package to your design and functionality.

Digital Community has an extensive experience of using Open Source and adapting it to individual needs. We now have demo sites available for you to decide which software is for you. These are:

  • OSCommerce

    an Ecommerce solution that keeps track of your stock and customer orders as well as allowing for mass email marketing.

  • Joomla

    A CMS solution that offers blog, forums, ecommerce and newsletters, plus more all in one site.

  • Selecta Pix

    An image gallery that allows for speedy upload and storage of pictures. We can adapt this to ecommerce for artists that wish to sell art online.

If none of these solutions fit your needs please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will always strive to supply a solution to fit your needs and budget.

Website redevelopment and marketing

Your company's marketing needs constant appraisal to attract the right customers and ensure it is keeping your company profile in front of your competitors. Although you already have a website it may now be looking a little dated and in need of a revamp.

Digital Community can take over the management and maintenance of existing websites regardless of the original developer. We have the experience to know what looks good on the web and more importantly, what works. Let us redesign your website to fit your company as it is now.

If required, as part of the quotation, we could:

  • Propose a fee for carrying out updates to content
  • Advise on the best strategies for ongoing in-house maintenance
  • Advise on search engine optimisation
  • Give you an indicative figure for full redesign and redevelopment

On agreeing to redesign your website we would need all necessary permissions to access the existing site.

Flash Animation and Websites

Flash Animation is one of our specialities and each animation is something we really enjoy creating. At Digital Community we can offer you subtle animation to enliven your site or a whole Flash Website that will wow your customers.

Look around the internet at what is available for Flash websites and you will find most of what is on offer is template based. Templates aren't custom designed for your site's look or functionality and often stop working or worse, make customers abandon your website.

Contact us today on 0845 3105575 or email us to ask about:

  • Animated Gifs
  • Flash Banners
  • Flash menus and buttons
  • Flash Websites
  • Flash Players
  • Picture Galleries
  • Presentations and CD ROMs
  • Games
  • Interactive Maps
  • And much more . . .
Selecta Pix Picture Gallery Website

As well as being able to offer picture galleries based on PHP or Flash we are pleased to offer the open source picture gallery, Selecta Pix. Open source programming is free to use so all you pay us to do is set up your gallery and style it to your taste.

Selecta Pix allows you to log in and update your photos online. We can adapt this package, as with all our packages, to add Ecommerce, more editing functionality, further pages, please see our website design page for more details.

Selecta Pix Gallery WebsitePrice
Components £295
Installation of Selecta Pix Gallery yes
Custom Design yes
True Domain Name for 1 year yes
hosting for 1 year yes
submission to search engines yes
weekly web statistics yes
email box configuration yes
Technical support yes
two months of site maintenance yes
CD ROM advertising campaigns

CD ROMs can be used very effectively for:

  • Power advertising
  • As an alternative to a catalogue
  • To distribute a presentation
  • As an invitation to an Event

Because CD-ROMs store so much information they can contain video clips, sound bites, Flash animation, 3D animation; much more than your website could quickly deliver. With a CD ROM catalogue you can deliver more detailed information and heavy graphics to your customer who can then access your website sales page through the CD ROM to make a purchase.

CD ROM advertising isn't as expensive as you may think and the assets can be amended and reused for future marketing. As with all our stationary we will use recycled packaging for your CD ROMs and will also recycle your old CD ROMs for free.

Digital Community can advise you on whether a CD ROM campaign would be helpful for your business aims. Contact us on 0845 3105575 or email us for more information.

We approach logo design as we approach web design. We take our inspiration from your company, what you want and what your existing assets are. We will then create several mock ups for you to examine and revise. We will revise your logo until you are happy with it.

Our logo and stationary design package costs £50 including VAT. In return you will receive:

  • 3-5 original logo mockups
  • Unlimited revisions to your logo and stationary design
  • Designs for business cards, letterheads, and envelopes
  • Delivery of your logo on CD in several formats
  • Email delivery of critical files while your CD is in transit
  • Black or Greyscale versions of your logo for trade-marking, printing
  • Archiving of your logo & free CD replacement
  • Full ownership of your final logo design

If you choose to purchase a website at the same time we will coordinate the whole package and reduce the purchase price for your logo package to £35 including VAT. Subsequent redesigns of your logo will also cost £35 including VAT.

Streaming Video and Sound

Streaming media is compressed video and sound files that are sent to your customer's browser in a constant stream and play as they arrive. By streaming video your customers will not have to wait to download a large file before viewing it.

Streaming media was used by the Son et Lumière organisation in Caernarfon following a positive radio broadcast advertising the event. We also used streaming sound technology on the site to promote the musical accompionment.

The response to this type of media from your customers can be very positive, especially since the rise of and similar websites.

Contact us on 0845 3105575 or email us for more information.

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